EVD Solutions

Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) is an advanced technological system that provides consumers the ease to print-out vouchers for recharges in the most secure way available. Since the plastic cards, gift cards and international recharge options are scattered in different categories, all the above & more are accessible via one point of sale device.

Varieties of recharge options in NV360 EVD programs can be installed on thousands of devices all over the UAE.

Key Features of EVD Systems:


EVD streamlines the distribution process by eliminating the need for physical vouchers, reducing costs and minimizing logistical challenges.


Electronic vouchers are often more secure than physical ones, as they can be encrypted and tracked to prevent fraud and loss.


These solutions can easily scale to accommodate a large number of users and transactions, making them suitable for widespread distribution programs.

Real-Time Distribution

EVD systems allow for instant distribution and redemption of vouchers, providing real-time access to services and benefits.