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A Web application (Web app) is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface. It supports the functionalities such as connecting to back end databases and retrieving results to browsers when user request. NV360 Technologies develop and design productive and effective online applications that are utilized for managing the data of the company securely. Developing a Web application requires technical and problem-solving skills and requires the ability to dig deep into the area of applications that are developing. They are created and implemented by most brands, with the main aim of ensuring comfortable and easy user-focused navigation experience. Whether its internal inventory management, customer portals, or online stores, our custom web application that are handmade for your business can help. Having the vast experience, our team of skill full developers helps you plan, discover and implement critical web applications that have become asset for your business.

NV360 Technologies, the web app development company in Dubai uses technology such as HTML, CSS and powerful frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii framework and Zend framework to build custom web application that helps your business to face challenges and win business goals. With custom web applications, you can make regular jobs a lot easier and speedier. Therefore, it saves the time employees lose on doing ordinary things which now can be easily achieved with the help of web applications. A custom web application ensures easy flowing conversation which is effective in increasing communication between the client and the business. We are expert in providing scalable high performance and complex functionalities based web applications with following benefits:

  • Ensuring Great return on investment
  • Increased efficiency with in full developmental process
  • Comprehensive compatibility features
  • Usage of most sophisticated and demanded application over web
  • Exceptional improvement in productivity with in
  • Better customer relationship
  • Reducing the customer support

With a solid experience across the full application development lifecycle, we can proudly say that we are one of the top web application companies Dubai, UAE for industry market leaders and emerging businesses with technology at their core. We carefully handle your process through every step of the web development process from specification and prototyping stages to deployment and ongoing support. With the combination of advanced technologies and tools we promise you an application that has inclusive design, accessibility and great usability. Web applications developed by us makes the process of collecting customer data easy and have quicker and easier updates which provide inbuilt support for easy cross-platform compatibility. Also we ensure that your applications will be available 24*7 for all the users.




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